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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 8, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PST

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he put it on his personal website, and a friend shared the link. they decided it must be seen. and when we watched it in the show meeting today, we discovered a way to make the video even better. you have to watch it with the sound off. the last ten seconds are the best. ♪ >> seriously, there is probably a master's thesis in why this works. something to do with the sudden altering of perspective or the slide moves, maybe it is the vein popping on his forehead. whatever the reason, the view of the trombone being played is for obvious reasons, the best new thing in the world today.
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now, it is time for "the last good morning. right now on "first look," the white house gear up for the nomination for the debt chief. >> we may reach the debt limit sooner than we think. plus, an escalator confuses commuters. a hot air wedding nightmare and coolest new gadgets. good morning. president obama meets with his defense secretary today. it's his new choice for that job. former nebraska senator chuck hagel that has republicans reeling. tracie potts is live in washington this morning with more on how his pentagon and cia nominations could prompt the next big fight on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we could hear more about that here today. chuck hagel bringing up concerns from democrats and republicans. and as for john brennan, we're seeing the aclu and others speak
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out about that nomination. protests outside the white house questioning whether john brennan spoke out loudly enough against controversial interrogation tactics. that's why brennan dropped out last time he was considered to head the cia. this time, he's courting both sides. >> although i consider myself neither a republican nor a democrat, i very much look forward to working closely with those on both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: but brennan's confirmation may not be as tough as chuck hagel's for secretary of defense. >> mr. president, i'll always give you my honest and most informed counsel. >> reporter: he backed some cuts at the pentagon, an issue congress will deal with next month. >> as a successful businessman, he knows we have to make tough fiscal choices wisely. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are concerned hagel is soft on iran and too tough on israel. > >> he's had a record of
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distinguished service but he's wrong on a number of the national security issues that face our country today. >> reporter: hagel insists his views are distorted. he's also under fire for criticizing a clinton nominee as "openly aggressively guy." >> it's dangerous to roll the dice on this issue. >> reporter: all questions lawmakers are eager to ask whether confirmation hearings get underway. now hagel did get a high profile endorsement not here on the hill. it was from former secretary of state colin powell, the general said he's independent. he's bold. he thinks both inside and outside the box. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: so remember a few weeks back when we told you how treasury secretary tim geithner said he figured out a way to keep the government defaulting on the debt for two months? not so fast. a new analysis by the bipartisan policy center says the u.s. may default a month earlier than expected. they say the government will likely run out of money to pay its bills between february 15th and march 1st. we hit the $16.4 trillion debt
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limit on december 31st. the treasury department said they were taking "extraordinary measures" to put off default. the debt ceiling debate is set to be the next big showdown in washington. both republicans and democrats have vowed to hold firm in their position. and speaking of government spending, a report published monday says the obama administration spent $18 billion on immigration enforcement last year, more than on all the other federal law enforcement agencies combined and 15 times greater than immigration spending in 1986. the nonpartisan research group the migration policy institute says immigration has become the government's highest law enforcement priority. among those likely to be unhappy with that report, critics who say the administration has been soft on immigration violators. after weeks of recovery from a concussion that led to a blood clot in her head, secretary of state hillary clinton was back in action monday as clinton presided over a state department
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meeting, her staff welcomed her back with a gag gift, a football helmet with the state department seal on it. she also got a football jersey with the number 112, the record setting number of countries secretary of state clinton visited while in office. in colorado, a week long preliminary hearing is underway for james holmes, the lone gunman charged with killing 12 people in an aurora movie theater last july. as nbc's mike taibbi reports, the graphic testimony is the most detailed account yet of what happened on that tragic night. >> reporter: more than 100 victims' relatives and survivesor packed two overflow rooms to hear details against james holmes seemingly uninterested in the proceedings. the young police officer who put holmes in handcuffs outside century 16 theater number 9 that night described him just minutes after the shooting stopped as very, very relaxed, like there weren't normal emotional responses to anything.
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he seemed very detached. subsequent police witnesses describe the gruesome scene he left behind, a tear gas filled killing zone that left 12 dead and some 70 wounded. officer justin grizzle broke down whether asked why he kept returning to the theater to pull more living victims into his car. i didn't want them to die, he said. sergeant gerald johnscar broke down when he recalled find nothing pulse when he checked the littlest victim, veronica sullivan. terrible details said jessica watts whose cousin was among the dead but details that have to be made public. >> it's just a piece to the closure. i definitely want to make sure that integrity of the case is intact so that we don't have to repeat this in the future. >> that was nbc's mike taibbi reporting. now here's your "first look" at this morning's "dish of
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scrambled politics." the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in late march on two key cases on same-sex marriage. one case concerns the california voter approved ban on same-sex marriage and the other involves the federal defense of marriage act passed in 1996. the deal that former vice president al gore made to sell current tv to al jazeera will reportedly net him personally about $70 million after taxes. a new pugh research survey found that president obama is viewed as the clear political winner in the fiscal cliff negotiations by a margin of 57% to 20%. word that what was called a computer glitch at ticket master meant that tickets to two official inaugural balls were mysteriously sold out before they even went on sale. republican senator david vitter of louisiana criticized harry reid for saying superstorm sandy was worse than hurricane katrina. vitter tweeted, "sadly, harry reid has revealed himself to be
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an idiot." senator reid said he misspoke. a group critical of president obama's choice of chuck hagel to be secretary of defense has purchased the website domain they attack his views on israel and other topics. at the news conference announcing his nomination, outgoing defense secretary leon panetta joked about his decades in washington and his future plans. the time has come for me to return to my wife sylvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren and my walnut farm. dealing with the different set of nuts. and that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." now here is bill karins. >> that was good. >> that was a good line. >> i don't think that was scripted. i think that was off the cuff. >> it went over very well. >> wasn't sure if he should say it in front of the president or
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not. >> he's getting out anyway. >> good morning, everyone. our january thaw continues. it felt like march across much of the country. temperatures were in the 40s and 50s. these were the highs yesterday. 51 in denver. kansas city nearly hit 50. chicago was into the 40s along with everyone from the ohio valley to new york and d.c. d.c. almost hit 50 degrees yesterday. we're going to do it all over again today. doesn't look like any cold significant cold until the upcoming weekend in the midwest. enjoy this week. temperature are now in the 30s in most areas. we're even above freezing at this hour which is rare. and the concern over the next couple days is going to be south texas. now we're in almost a spring like weather pattern. we're going to see showers and thunderstorms evolving especially from san antonio to houston, corpus christi back up towards austin. we'll have to watch out for isolated tornado or two. that's with that storm system here. again, that warm air all the way through the heartland. this morning, not a lot of severe weather. a few thunderstorms towards victoria. again around houston, i think
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your morning commute you're dodging the rain drops. later today this area of yellow, damaging winds. a few tornadoes are possible from houston to austin, san antonio south wards to the brownsville area. i mean we're looking at just beautiful weather. i mean today in d.c., we could be 53 and sunny. i mean that's like mid-march like forecast. >> you have to love that in january. thanks so much, bill. well, aig weighs a cureies way to say thank you. the place where silence is not golden. and a computer the whole family can sit down. to. plus, a bumpy start to one couple's day to remember. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] staples is the number-one
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welcome back. stories making news this morning. in alabama, 17-year-old high school student derrick shrout is accused of planning to attack teachers and classmates using grenades that were a step or two away from being finished. a teacher found a journal
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describing the plan and the teen a self-described white supremacist was arrested. the department of defense has settled a class action don't ask, don't tell lawsuit giving full discharge pay to gay and lesbian service members forced to left military because of their sexual orientation. the medical examiner in chicago is expected to exhume the bod yif a lottery winner that may have been murdered. he ingested a lethal dose of cyanide a day after the state cut him a chuck worth $425,000. police now launched a homicide investigation. who knew that astronauts were packing heat? nbc news space analyst says russians cou russian cause mow astronauts have weapons. and a hot air balloon ceremony in san diego turned
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dangerous as winds swung the basket. luckily there were no serious injuries and the bride and groom had already said their vows. stocks took a step back as investors proceed with caution into earnings season. financials fell after ten banks agreed to pay $8.5 billion to settle a government probe into faulty foreclosures. "the new york times" reports bailed out insurer aig may join a lawsuit claiming the government's rescue deprived shareholders of tens of billions of dollars. on the street, netflix rows on a deal to stream time warner program. that comes on the heels of a decade to all universal films. meanwhile, disney slipped on reports that layoffs may be in the works at its studio. the u.s. government is proposing hybrid and electric vehicles meet minimum sound standards so cyclists can hear them on the road. and taco bell is getting buzz
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for playing ball with a fan. a high school swimmer asked for a speedo of the slogan think outside the buns and company asked for his size. well later this morning, thousands will gather in las vegas for what is one the coolest events of the year. jay gray is at the consumer electronics show to give us a sneak peek. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, i think there is more gee whiz in the las vegas convention center than anywhere else on the planet. team putting the finishing touches on the booths here. in a few hours the doors will open revealing the future in home high-tech. crews have pulled miles of cable and unpacked pal et cetera of high-tech gear. any gadget, any accessory can you think of, flat screens to flying things as more than 3,000 companies from 150 countries pull back the curtain on the
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newest and neatest in the world of consumer tech. which, of course, includes updated smart phones, tablets and the next generation of hd tvs. there is even a touch screen tabletop here. but pacing the innovation this year are products with a personal touch. >> it is understanding the benefits that come if using devices. >> fit bug is an on line fitness and well-being coach that provides real time data and designs a customerized exercise and eating plan. >> and then there's this. >> so this is a device that's been created to help you lose weight by eating at the right time at the right pace. >> reporter: yep, the happy fork gives you a gentle vibration if you're eating too fast. and a green light tells you when it's okay to take another bite. from your mouth to your ears, audio always a big deal here this year it's brightly colored
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head phones, ear buds that others are flipping over. >> they're still in. >> it's a twist lock technology that locks it in your ear. >> many companies are locked in on kids, toys, toothbrushes, even a new way to color. >> this is the free draw. >> the future of home electronics is sketched out this week in vegas. and part of that picture includes things like the dell ultra book, a laptop that flips into a tablet. so that is cool. this is the latest crayon. you can use it to draw on your ipad. you can play games. then look at this. this is covers for pads and readers but they're loop works. this is the excess from making shoes and wet suits. that's what's used for these. wireless cameras a big deal at this show. baby monitors, home security, all of these can be checked from your smart phone or your pad. when it come to smart phones, you can never have enough covers, thousands of those here
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including those that charge which are getting slimmer and lasting longer. then there is this phone. it doesn't need a charge. it's an emergency phone. sends out a signal wherever you are and the battery lasts up to 15 years. that's just some of the latest and greatest from las vegas. back to you. >> all right, jay. thanks so much. i love the smiley face you drew on the tablet there. just ahead, alabama bashes notre dame for yet another bcs title. plus, all sorts of unexpected things can happen on live tv, don't we know it. we have the video to prove it. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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2:22 am officemax. a malfunctioning escalator set off panic and terror at a new jersey rail station. commuters began screaming and jumping off the staircase when it reversed direction. five people were injured. a ton of dolphins put on an amazing show for sight seers on a whale watching trip. they showed speed and leaping abilities in the waters. herds like these have been known to number over 10,000. amazing. and in florida, a tlong of manatees put on a display of their own. dozens camped out near a power plant to enjoy the warm water. they swam to the area whenever the temperature in the tampa bay area dips below 70 degrees. in sports, we start with the bcs national championship game of college football. alabama scored on its first series and went on to crush
2:23 am
notre dame fans, 42-14. mccarron connected on four touchdown passes as the crimson tide won the third national championship in four years. in first quarter, brent musberger made interesting comments about his beauty queen girlfriend sitting in the stands. >> you soo he that lovely lady there? she does go to auburn. she also is miss alabama. and that is a.j. mccarron's girlfriend. and right there on the right is dee dee bonner's mom. what a beautiful woman. wow. >>a hoo sports said her twitter followers went from 2300 to 96,000 by the end of last night. this morning she has more than 112,000. in the nba, with the score tied and time running out, washington's bradley beal drives, pumps and hits a buzzer beater jump shot. the wizards defeated the oklahoma city thunder 101-99.
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chicago showed off its impressive razzle-dazzle passing skills against cleveland and the bulls easily beat the cavaliers 118-92. in hawaii, dustin johnson has the lead after they got to play two rounds in the tournament of champions. they hope to play the final round today. in brazil, a marathon runner was leading the pack in a race when he was attacked you about a man with a history of mental problems. police on moeks were able to stop the attack and the kenyan runner went on to win the race. and in minnesota, a tv reporter of affiliate kare was doing a live show on the upcoming viking game when her camera man bolt her over. luckily she was not hurt. what the heck was that guy thinking? i wouldn't be working with him again. >> they were in a bar. maybe that had something to do with it. >> maybe he had a few drinks. i'm hoping he wasn't planning on hitting her quite so hard. >> maybe a little revenge. >> maybe. who knows? >> just ahead, ryan lochte dives
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you won't have to wait until rio 2016 for another dose of ryan lochte. the e channel announced he will star in "what would ryan lochte do." the president said people will either want to be him, sleep with him or mother him after watching the show. >> i don't know if i'll be one of those. >> for the first time in 40 years, the host of the academy awards will also announce the
2:29 am
nominations. seth mcfar lyn and emma stone announce the 2013 nominees. harry potter star emma watson ran into trouble with the tsa at an airport last month. the actress tweeted about the encounter saying the officer mistook her for an unaccompanied minor. the officer was not a harry potter f potter, obviously. this is not the first time this happened. >> i'd be thrilled to be that young. >> finally in, some absolutely shocking news, kim and kanye are reportedly being offered huge sums of money for the first picture of the baby. they're most likely waiting for a deal in the double digits which they could get or just show the picture for free, tweet it or something like. that. >> we were chatting. kate is pregnant about the same time. >> lots of babies in the summer. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tu


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